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Final Frontier Worldbuilder v1.2 2016-10-05

Final Frontier Worldbuilder v1.2

  1. TC01
    Final Frontier Worldbuilder v1.2

    This project is an attempt to make the Worldbuilder utility useful in Final Frontier and its assorted modmods. The reason it is not useful is because much of Final Frontier, done via python, does not work in WB (this is true for many mods of Civ- Worldbuilder is not adjusted with them). For instance, solar systems, when placed, had no planets or sun. Adding buildings to a city did nothing since the Worldbuilder interface did not understand planets. This project is an attempt to change that, to some degree. These tools are not intended to help you cheat (although you could use them that way), but rather for modders and scenario-makers.

    Forum thread


    -deanej (ideas, help)
    -apenpaap (ideas)
    -JEELEN (feedback)
    -The_J, God-Emperor, Emperor Fool (help)
    -Jon Shafer for making Final Frontier
    -Firaxis for making Civilization IV