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Fire Wall 2016-10-05

Fire Wall

  1. tom2050
    Fire Wall

    Created for the mod Conquests of Might and Magic III.

    Unit Creation, Effects and Animation done by yours truly.
    No Civ Color (for obvious reasons)!

    Can act as a spell (made to be a ground unit), or perhaps a rogue foest fire of sorts. Comes with low default sound effect so the fire is heard if it is on the screen. The hot embers grow into a wall of fire if adventurers cross upon them.

    Build Animation (paradrop) has been added (9-17-10) to the main download. Please re-download the main file to get it.

    Unit32, Large/Small pcx, and Sound Files included.

    Visit the thread here.

    Visit my Spell Guild.



    1. firewall_lg_vFK.jpg
    2. firewallfinal_N2u.gif
    3. firewallparadrop_64e.gif