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Firebug's Civilizations & Leaders

Civilizations and Leaders made by me, Firebug.

  1. Firebug


    Napoleon III
    Liberal Empire
    Districts provide +4 Culture when adjacent to a Wonder.
    +2 Housing and +2 Amenities in cities with at least 2 speciality districts.
    A New Empire
    Friendly to those civilizations that are ahead in Production and share a continent.
    Dislikes civilizations that are lacking in Production and are Warmongers.

    Edicts of Ashoka
    Melee and Heavy Cavalry units earn Great Writer points from kills and Great Works of Writing yield +4 Faith.
    Build Holy Site Districts and Holy Site Buildings in half the time.
    Tries to make the citizens in each city as happy as possible and.
    Likes civilizations that also develop in this fashion and have high Faith. Dislikes Civilizations with low Faith.


    Manual Download
    Extra +2% Science with every Great Person ever earned.
    Encampment, Harbor and Campus Districts provide +1 additional Great Person Point of their type.
    Replaces the Musketman. Heals every turn, even if it moves or attacks.
    Costs less to maintain but more to produce.
    Royal Academy
    Replaces the University. Provides +1 Great Scientist, Great Writer, Great Musician, Great Artist and Great General point. Slightly more expensive to build and maintain.
    Karl XII
    Carolus Rex
    +25% Flanking Bonus for all Land Military Units.
    Melee, Anti-Cavalry and Siege Units receive +5 Combat Strength outside your territory.
    Just War
    Will avoid declaring Surprise Wars, prefers Formal Wars.
    Hates Civilizations that declare Surprise Wars.