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First Strike for Test of Time 2017-11-12

First Strike for Test of Time

  1. gapetit
    Eivind's First Strike scenario for MGE converted to Test of Time. In the time after the second world war the victorious allies of the West and the Soviet Union respectively, grew growingly suspicious of each others' world ambitions. This in essence led to a state of 'cold war' between the former allies, resulting in an arms race like never before, involving not only conventional weapons but also nuclear weapons. From this constant state of war readiness, the world became a stage of an ideological battle between capitalism and communism, using means such as economic warfare and trade embargoes, propaganda, xenophobia, espionage and proxy wars. The threat of mutual assured nuclear destruction made sure that no one would dear to deliver the first strike, as both sides had enough nuclear weapons to bomb each other out of existence and to make the entire planet uninhabitable. But as technology became more advanced, granting better accuracy of the delivery systems, the doctrine of first strike was developed, to degrade the enemy's nuclear forces to such an extent that the retaliatory response would involve "acceptable" losses. The possibility of a first strike weakened the peace based on the deterrence theory, and hence increased the tensions of a third world war.
    The time is 1975, where the current world tensions is at an ease, but with developing world events, and one of the superpowers in your hands, this may very well change. Will you be able to deliver the First Strike?
    The time: 1975-1989 The objective: Win the Cold War, in one way or the other.


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