Fish Farms 1.7.0

Build fishing boats like farms.

  1. Magil
    Water tiles suck. I think pretty much everyone agrees to that. There's another mod out there that seeks to address that, and honestly I encourage you to check it out, it's pretty cool too. But I had a different idea in mind for addressing this problem.

    Historically, Civilization has improved water yields primarily using buildings. Sea tile improvements could only be built by work boats on sea resources. The above mod takes that approach to solving the problem, using the harbor district and its associated buildings and specialists to improve sea tiles.

    My idea, however, is to let players build improvements directly on coastal and ocean tiles using builders, which now build when embarked. This mod allows you to build fishing boats (for +1 food to start) on tiles, even if they don't contain the appropriate resource. It also adds similar functionality for fishing boats as farms have, gaining adjacency boosts from a civic and later, a tech. They won't end up quite as powerful as farms most of the time, but farms compete with land for mines and district placement, so that's to be expected.

    To use this together with another mod like Improved Water Tiles, remove the FishFarmsBuildings.xml and FishFarmsBuildingsText.xml files from the mod folder. Note that this would make water tiles very strong and is probably not recommended, but hey, it's your game!

    Features (Version 1.8.0)
    • Added the ability to build fishing boats on any coast or ocean tile, like farms on grassland or plains.
    • The Naval Tradition civic allows fishing boats to act like Feudalism farms, providing +1 food to each fishing boat with 2 fishing boats adjacent.
    • The Celestial Navigation technology adds another adjacency bonus, +1 gold to fishing boats for every 2 adjacent fishing boat improvements.
    • Reworked the God of the Sea pantheon to only work on fishing boats on Fish, Crabs, Whales, and Pearls resources (essentially retaining its original functionality, it seemed overpowered to leave it as is).
    • Modified the Lighthouse. It still has all of its original yields, but also adds +1 Food to crabs and fish resources worked by the city.
    • Modified the Seaport. It no longer adds +2 gold. Instead, it adds +1 gold to each fishing boat improvement worked by the city. The other yields are unchanged.
    • Modified the Harbor. It now has two more adjacency bonuses: +1 gold for every two adjacent coast tiles and +3 gold when adjacent to the city center. Note that this is an indirect buff to the Shipyard.
    • A city with both a Harbor district and a Commercial Hub gets +2 gold to trade routes originating in that city.
    • Should now properly work with the Royal Navy Dockyard.
    Planned Future Features
    • At this point I consider the mod feature-complete, but feedback will be appreciated and is helpful.
    The main files only modify Fishing Boats and the God of the Sea pantheon, so any mod that doesn't mess with those two things in particular should play nice with it. It doesn't modify technologies or civics directly, only their related text entries.

    The Harbor district and Lighthouse and Seaport buildings are modified by the two "building" files. If you don't want to use the district/building changes because of a mod conflict, you can remove the files "FishFarmsBuildings.xml" and "FishFarmsBuildingsText.xml", or replace them with blank XML files.

    How to Install
    Extract to My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/ folder.

    Additional Notes
    I've never been a Civ modder before. I haven't done much modding in general, I did one Dominions 4 mod a little while ago. Everything seems to work on my end, but I apologize in advance if any part of my work is shoddy. Feedback is appreciated and I'll do what I can to make the mod play nice.
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