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Fleme's Earth18 v.1.1 2016-10-05

Fleme's Earth18 v.1.1

  1. Fleme
    This map includes slight fixes to the previous version of my Earth18 (all credit to the original creator, whoever that is), mainly:

    Removed Montezuma, Victoria, Tokugawa and added Pacal II, Peter and Gandhi. Furthermore, there are some further alterations to the terrain - balancing it just right is a task that's likely not to end in this version so any and all feedback is welcome.

    The original map you can find here along with the most important terrain change screenshots. However I do feel that it's important to point out that some of the weaker starting points got improved as well as terrain around the globe - most importantly having small islands in the caribbean and the pacific feature resources and having Australia/NZ look more attractive from a settling point of view. Some cows are added to North America and Pacal II has a grassland oasis in his capital to speed him up. (5f/3c)

    Please PM me with your feedback or write it here.


    1. f18carthage0000_2H5.jpg
    2. f18ethiopia0000_I9r.jpg
    3. f18maya0000_4Cy.jpg