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Floating Improved Borders 2016-10-05

Based on nothing but my own private delusions (as opposed to, say, a popular mandate), I've enhanced my original Improved Territory Borders by raising them to the highest point possible, given the pixel area of the Territory.pcx file, and adding some shadows underneath. The effect is as if the borders are floating until they hit something at about 300m from the planet's surface, at which point they contour themselves against hills.

I'm happy with the results, as it adds a bit more flavor to my borders. Try as a might, I was unable to raise the borders to rest atop the hill contours, but whatever. Have a look.

And that would be them. Can you tell where no-man's land is? I can!

As you can see, other things drawn on the map (roads, rivers if they were pictured) will appear above certain border tiles. Nothing short of redrawing them AND rewriting the engine will remedy that.

Put them in your directory marked
Civ III>Art>Terrain
and replace the existing Territory.pcx file located there. To delete the existing file is totally up to you.

Enjoy them? Dispise them? Think they're okay? For the love of god, post your thoughts! Let me serve you better by posting anything that may cross your mind, because the internet is nothing if not a place for kneejerk reactionary thought (re: blogging).
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