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Food Resources 2016-10-05

Food Resources

  1. killmeplease
    Link up food resources ( Wheat, Cattle, Fish, Bananas), create buildings utilizing them and get tons of food in your key cities! Make some megapolices!

    Or use food resources to feed a production powerhouse somewhere in the heart of a desert! No more your cities will stick to food-rich tiles.

    There are 4 food-producing buildings in the mod significantly increasing food intake of the city. They require bonus resources to be built. At the same time food from resource-free buildings was removed. So instead of having virtually 7-10+ additional food in each city (granary + hospital + water mill) you will have a number of cities supplied with as much as up to 25 additional :c5food: Food from bonus resource utilizing buildings.

    New buildings are:

    Grocery Store: cost 120 :c5production:, +4 :c5food: Food, 1 :c5happy: Happiness, consumes 1 Cattle and 1 Fish, maintenance 1 :c5gold: Gold. Deer sources worked by this city produce additional +1 :c5food: Food.
    Requires Optics.

    Supermarket: cost 400 :c5production:, +5 :c5food: Food, +1 :c5happy: Happiness, consumes 1 Bananas, maintenance 2 :c5gold: Gold
    Requires Refrigeration, city must have Grocery Store.

    Grain Elevator: cost 500 :c5production:, +10 :c5food: Food, consumes 1 Wheat, maintenance 3 :c5gold: Gold.
    Requires Railroads, city must have Granary.

    Changes to existing buildings:

    Granary: cost 100 :c5production:, +6 :c5food: Food, consumes Wheat resource. No additional food from worked resources.
    Water Mill: cost 80 :c5production:, provides 2 :c5production: Production, maintenance 1 :c5gold: Gold (was 1 Production, 2 Food, cost 120, maintenance 2). Floating Gardens left unchanged.
    Hospital: additional 20% :c5food: Food kept after growth, 1 :c5happy: Happiness (was +5 Food).

    Discussion thread is here



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