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Football Stadium 2016-10-05

Football Stadium

  1. Jimmyballz
    Version 2:
    Made Football Stadium available to all civs, with RADIO as a tech requirement.

    For UB preference, the flagless version is included.

    Discussion Thread

    Version 1:
    All Credit to KrugerPritz on this. I just added the Flag/Button/xml. It was originally made for the Italian Empire, so the .xml and .dds files will give the Italian Flag.
    I included KrugerPritz' original skin with no flag,so you could add your own Flag. ;)
    XML's have it replacing Colosseum, providing +2:) +1:culture:



    1. football_stadium_model_UQg.jpg
    2. screenshotoverhead_yR1.jpg
    3. screenshotno_flag_A4a.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0040_uKk.jpg