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For Modders, Automatic CORE Install Assets/Artdefs v1.1

Overwrite game Core files automatically and safeguarding originals

  1. raen
    I dont like to modify the core files, but since that for now some assets and artdefs have to be changed in Core, I made a little tool for it (windows only for now)

    I say for modders, but if you want to organize your downloaded mods that change core files, just use this tool.

    Extract and put this directory "Mods_Custom_Assets" here:
    <Where your steam library is at?>\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\


    Next step you add your module folder (you name it what you want) - I added Anno Domini as an example:


    For modders you need to modify Install (and uninstall) and add your files:
    - For install, you need to add two lines for each file.
    - Change file names and path if needed (dont remove de "..\" subpaths)
    - For uninstall you have to use same names and path as install (one line for uninstall)

    For using: I suggest to put "Mods_Custom_Assets" directory with your MOD, with no files inside (dont copy the originals) and have your module directory with install, uninstall and the files


    For final users: they extract, put "Mods_Custom_Assets" in "<Where your steam library is at?>\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\"
    and use install or uninstall.

    Any questions or improvements to this tool, be my guest.