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Forge of Damascus 2017-04-25

Adds the Forge of Damascus as a World Wonder.

  1. Hammurabi1337
    Ever wondered why you could start a game by researching Mining > Bronze Working > Iron Working? Now you have a reason to!*

    Unlocked at Iron Working, the Forge of Damascus grants the following:

    +4 Production, with an additional +4 when Metallurgy is researched.

    Enhanced yields to metals worked by the city. Iron and Copper gain +1 production, Gold and Silver gain +1 gold, and Aluminum will have +2 Science once it is revealed.

    Grants the unique Damascus Steel promotion (+20% strength) to any Swordsman or Longswordsman (including any unique units that replace them) trained in the city.

    Provides a Forge in the city in which it is built, potentially much earlier than it could normally be built.

    The Forge of Damascus requires a mined source of Iron in the city, just like the regular Forge.​

    The mod functions solely on its own added files, so it should be compatible with any combination of other mods. If you run into any issues or have any suggestions about the mod, feel free to let me know.


    *If you have a local source of Iron. Results may vary. The author takes no responsibility for disappointment or sub-optimal play that may result from Iron-less starts.