Forsena Map 1.0

A tiny pangea map based on Brigandine The Legend of Forsena game

  1. Eurritz
    This tiny map contains 6 continents based on rulers of the Legend of Forsena game and real cities naming on it. No TSL as there's no Brigandine civs mod yet.

    This map was created using the Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter by Zobtzler and requires Yet (not) Another Map Packs by Gedemon to run.

    Some notes:
    • Resources, Natural Wonders and lowlands are map generated, but rivers, continents and features are imported.
    • There's no desert on this map, so unfortunately you cannot build Petra.
    • You may need to "load database" with Ynaemp before playing this one.
    Forsena Tactical_Map.png Forsena preview steam.jpg