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Fort Attack v1.1 2016-10-05

Fort Attack v1.1

  1. Archid
    Free Fort Attack

    Allows units in forts, and optionally cities, a free attack against enemies in the surrounding plots

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    Configured units that are stationed in a fort at the end of a turn can perform a free attack against enemy troops in the surrounding squares. The attackers also need some movement points at the end of the turn.

    The potential targets of attack varies depending on the ownership of the fort plot. If the fort is on a plot that is owned by a player then only enemies of the owners team are potential targets. If the fort is in neutral territory then all units in surrounding squares are considered potential targets.

    At the end of a turn each attacker picks one of its teams enemies at random and performs the attack. The damage that these attacks can give uses a configurable base value (percentage of targets full health) with a multiplier based on the relative strength of the attacker and target. There is a configurable cap on the maximum percentage damage that a target can have at the end of the attack, and any units that have less than this value are not considered potential targets. The attackers are never damaged in a fort attack.

    The configurable values are set in the GlobalDefinesAlt file.

    Spoiler :


    and after ... a suicidal assault before the fort attack occurred accounted for the 2 missing archers

    The types of units who can attack is based on a new optional tag in the UnitCombatInfo type so is fully configurable.

    SDK Changes marked with Archid

    Added XML tags
    ++ UnitCombatInfo
    bFortAttack - If units of this combat type get a free attack from forts. Defaults to 0

    Revision History
    v1.1 Fixed CTD bug if a potential attacker has no UnitCombatType
    Added message to players if they are the attackers

    v1.0 Initial release