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Fort Knox (US Bullion Depository / Modular / BtS) 2016-10-05

Fort Knox (US Bullion Depository / Modular / BtS)

  1. JustATourist
    This mod does add the wonder "Fort Knox" into the game, complete with own wonder movie. Civilopedia texts are in english and german language only.

    Run the Mod:

    - unpack and move the folder "FortKnox" to \MyGames\Beyond the Sword\MODS
    - move the file Konx.bik to ...\Beyond the Sword\Assets\Art\Movies\Wonder
    - load the mod at the "Advanced" options menu of BtS or load automatically it via CivilizationIV.ini by changing the Mod folder entry:
    ; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
    Mod = Mods\FortKnox
    - you need "Modular XML Loading" to be enabled in the Civilization4.ini:
    ; Modular XML Loading
    ModularLoading = 1
    - enjoy the game


    Text from Wikipedia.

    If you wish to re-use some parts of this mod in your own work, please give proper credits. I'd also appreciate, if you give me a short feedback, in which mod it is used.

    Discussion thread: Tourist attractions


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