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Fortress Borders Mod Overhaul! Outposts 2016-10-05

Fortress Borders Mod Overhaul! Outposts

  1. Serp
    Updated 31.May 2015 ! (important bugfixes!)

    Update 8.June 2015 version 2
    - previous versions were not able to deal with Outposts build at the side of the map (because one of the tiles you should get does not exist). It's fixed in v2.
    - Added a part of "Lion King"'s idea: Citadels are no longer buildable next to eachother. (no other changes to citadels)

    Update 15.June 2015 version 3
    -With previous versions active, the game took very long to load, because my mod saved every single tile with a save command. I fixed this by saving just one time a list of all tiles.
    - Increased gold costs from 3 to 5.
    Update 18th june 2015 v 4
    - Citadels now not buildable next to eachother, does not work in previous versions.
    Update 31 august 2015 v 5
    - Added the strategic view reload. Without it all icons at strategic view were different from the ones at the map.
    Update 7 October 2015 v 6
    - Fixed a small bug. Bug was: When an allied unit stands on a outpost from you and the timer expired, an error accured. The result was, that the outpost lost borders, but did not change owner to the owner of the unit. So the bug did not have a huge impact on gameplay.

    I did an overhaul of the existing mod "Fortress Borders" from preffect, here the Original:
    If you don't know the fortress borders mod, just read the short description from the original :)

    What I did:

    - Added a new improvement called Outpost. This Outpost gets the abiltiy of cultural borders. So you can use the unchanged forts.

    - I made it multiplayer compatible.

    - I wrote a complex script for the border adding.
    The orignal mod is not balanced and you can exploit it in many ways. For example you can build forts near to your town and remove them. The result would be land for free. Or you could build the fort next to your enemy borders. That way you could steal him his land.
    In my version, these exploits are not possible:
    1) Tiles in a radius of 3 around any city will never be affect by Outposts.
    2) Tiles at range 4 or 5 from a city will be only affected, if they do not belong to a player already.
    3) If tiles in 4/5 range belong already to someone, the Outpost will notice and remember this. So when the Outpost loose his borders or is captured, these tiles which already belongs to a city, do not change! So you can't loose any tiles, which you got by city expanding.
    4) Outposts do not steal borders from anyone! So if you build a Outpost next to an enemy Outpost, you are not able to steal his borders this way. The only moment, were an Outpost "steals" borders, is when you captured the Outpost.
    5) If a new city is founded, all Outposts check, if they are in 3 radius to it. If so, these tiles will go back to nature (except they belong already to another city). That way a city is prior to a Outpost.
    6) If a Outpost is not able to gain control about any of the surrounding tiles (because all of them are in 3 radius to a city), the Outpost will be removed and you get a notification about it.

    All in all I think my version is really balanced and could be part of a fair game.

    The artworks of the improvement Outpost are done by Artisanix and Deliverator, taken from the "Improvement - Lookout Towers" Mod.
    Also thanks to conan.morris, for his PlotMath.lua.

    I already tested the most possibilities of building a Outpost and fixed all bugs I was able to find.
    But please also test this in all ways you can imagine, especially in mutliplayer and report any bugs you can find! :)

    You can download the normal mod version, or the Multiplayer version (MP is made like a DLC with MPMPM, you have to unpack the zip to your Assets/DLC folder).
    "Vorposten" is german for Outpost ;)

    Here is the thread:
    And here the steam download link:


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