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Unhindered Camera tilt/rotation, ultra zoom, scrollable time of day, and simple controls.

  1. MadManCam
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    Experience VI with unhindered camera tilt and rotation, easy Time of Day adjustments, ultra-zoom, and simple controls. Set up great screenshots and play the game from a custom perspective.

    See the Free Camera: Reduced Zoom Range Addon for a more manageable zoom.

    You don't need Free Rotation (light version) if you enable this mod.

    See the collection to check out in-game backdrop mods.

    The controls work well until you are trying to pan at very low to the ground tilt angles. At this point, left click dragging should always pan the map correctly if the others fail.

    The screenshots were taken using Sukritact's Screenshot Mode (see Other Mods below). I recommend this for screenshots or even just admiring the game as it removes all of the clutter.

    - User Interface windows complete with localized text and in game settings and keybind changes.
    - You can minimize the Control Panel like the Minimap, just move your mouse to the bottom to bring up the button to open it again.
    - You can also drag the Control Panel around the screen. Just hold click over the top or bottom and drag away from the panel.
    - A more interesting default camera tilt curve similar to KinetiKam - it tilts back more when you are zoomed in close.
    - WASD key panning, QE key spinning (can be disabled, keys can be changed)
    - Camera no longer resets after you adjust its rotation.
    - Fixed Tilt Mode: Enter this mode and have full control over the camera tilt.
    - Map zoom limits dramatically increased.
    - Fast forward and rewind ambient time of day (more easily than using vanilla settings window).
    - Usable with new games and single player saved games.
    - Cycle between the default and last used values with key presses.
    - + and - keys for zoom now make continuous zoom adjustments rather than single zoom adjustments, making + and - keys actually useful zoom keybinds.

    In Game Window cropped.jpg

    Camera Controls
    Remember to clear out any keys you will be using with this mod in Game Options --> Keybindings if you will be using them, otherwise the keys will do additional stuff.
    - Check out the in game mod Settings (on the Control Panel) --> Key Bindings to check out the key controls and to change them.
    - You can rotate and tilt (if Fixed Tilt Mode is on) the camera using shift + left click drag.

    Other Mods
    - Free Camera: Reduced Zoom Range, an addon for this mod that reduces the zoom range so it is not so crazy.
    - Free Rotation Light version with just rotation and WASD, QE Map panning/spinning.
    - Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments : Its incompatible with CQUI, but you can still load them together, and the Screenshot Mode button is absolutely essential for screenshots.

    - This mod replaces the game's Camera.artdef, WorldInput.lua, and WorldInput.xml files, so its not compatible with mods like KinetiKam.

    - WorldInput.lua from CQUI is built into this mod, so it retains all of the main keybinds.
    - Q and E to select next/prev City/Unit is moved to Shift + Q and Shift + E (unless you have QE rotation disabled in the settings)
    - Shift to cycle through Cities/Units is moved to X key (changable in settings.)

    Notes / Quirks
    - I haven't tested this on Mac or Linux.
    - At very low to the ground tilt angles, only left click dragging works well for panning the map. The other methods seem to break somehow.
    - When the game cycles through units that are far apart, the map zooms out and back in. With farther map zoom, it goes annoyingly far out.
    - If you zoom out far, and have the camera at certain angles, some tiles appear bugged and yellow in color. I can only guess that this is related to graphics performance optimization, and I don't know how to fix it. For now, it appears to be much less of an issue if you have the camera facing more north/south than east/west.
    - If you go too crazy with the controls, such as zooming out super far and quickly spinning/tilting the map, I can't guarantee the stability of your game.
    - At very low to the ground tilt angles, parts of the screen might not show the background correctly.
    - Depending on your zoom and camera tilt, some HUD stuff like yield icons and city panels might flicker off or turn on despite being disabled. Obviously, the game wasn't meant to be displayed at some of these zooms and angles.
    - Sometimes stuff (especially the camera tilt) decides to reset. Try re-entering tilt mode (for tilt) and using the reset keys to switch between default and your last used value.

    Special Thanks
    - CQUI community for some of the code.
    - Gedemon for his spreadsheet of Lua objects
    - Steam users Reavver and Неизвестный игрок for their guides on camera rotation.
    - Reddit user Kilcunda for the fix for top edge scrolling.
    - Sukritact for his Screenshot Mode to get the images.

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