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Free Rotation 1 Apr 2018

Unhindered Camera Rotation and additional Camera controls.

  1. MadManCam
    Steam Workshop Page
    This is now a light version of Free Camera.

    Camera rotation no longer resets after you release the mouse. Press the H key to toggle between default and last used camera rotation.

    You can rotate the map in 3 ways: Shift + Left Click Drag, Alt + Left Click Drag, and the Q and E keys.

    You can also pan the map with WASD keys. Please remember to clear out the WASD and QE keys in Game Options --> Keybindings if you will be using them, otherwise other stuff will pop up.

    You can change all of the keybinds and settings while you are playing the game. See the discussion for instructions.

    Can be used with saved games (for multiplayer however, you cannot usually change the enabled mods list for a saved game).

    Should work with any mod, but it will replace the mod's WorldInput.lua if it has one (most don't).

    CQUI Users:
    - Compatible with CQUI
    - Q and E to select next/previous city/unit moved to shift + Q and shift + E (unless you have QE rotation disabled in the settings)
    - Pressing shift to select next city/unit is moved to the X key (unless you have Shift rotation disabled in the settings, X keybind can be changed in settings)

    Special thanks to Reavver and Неизвестный игрок for their guides.

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