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French Amx10 without cannon turret 2016-10-05

French Amx10 without cannon turret

  1. KrugerPritz

    2 versions:
    The first requested BY SIMPA without the turret and the cannon, I've uploaded on Snafusmith M113 (and it appears dark),
    uses its material and animations (included)
    The second with cannon is uploaded on standard mechanizedinfantry and uses its animations (NOT included) and M113 material
    but it appears more brighter. It's a 2nd version of my first amx10p with little texture reset.

    The gunner of the first version is the one of the M113 and uses a my modification of Zerver
    Modern_soldier_texture (waiting for HIS French_modern_soldier release)

    Texture: is a paint of the blueprint i've found
    The tracks and its texture are from type 97

    Feel free to use it as You want




    1. amx10p_Dx0.jpg
    2. amx10pingame_O1x.jpg
    3. amx10pingame2_TFt.jpg