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French and Indian War 2016-10-05

French and Indian War

  1. constantinople
    French and Indian War
    Play as France, England, Spain or Russia in the North American theater during the Seven Years War, or as many call it, the French and Indian War.


    FRANCE - Has a lot of cities, but risks getting destroyed by the British.
    ENGLAND - Not the biggest civilization, but has a navy and the best army.
    SPAIN - Very vulnerable, but spread out.
    RUSSIA - Without a doubt the worst and hardest country-but yet a good one, as they are FAR away from their enemies.

    The map was made by GarretSidzaka, which I tweaked a little bit.


    1. france_turn1_2A9.jpg
    2. outzoom_vef.jpg
    3. russian_alaska_8Qt.jpg