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From Austerlitz to Waterloo 2016-10-05

From Austerlitz to Waterloo

  1. isenchine
    Civ4 BtS 3.19 * From Austerlitz to Waterloo * Scenario/Mod by isenchine.

    Additional Credits:
    GeneralMatt: additional/flavour units (Light & Heavy Cavalry, Warlord, Guards, Infantry and Cannons)
    Bakuel: Russian worker

    Platyping: Platy Builder, Text Reader (CTRL-F12: displays the help text in a scrollable screen. Useful when encountering a huge army!)

    Custom dll: only Mod Comp is "Lead from Behind" by UncutDragon + some adjustments (AI can't disband units, Pillage own routes, Range Attack, Immortal Culture, etc.)

    Note: if you want to play the Mod on a Mac, just delete the custom dll and eventually the file UncutDragon_GlobalDefines.xml

    Multi-Player: yes

    This is a small Mod based on Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his neighbours,
    with 3 different playable Scenarios:

    1) Europe 1805 (standard scenario with 18 Civs, enlarged map of Europe, 6,351 plots; 205 Cities; 1,300 Units)

    2) Napoleon's invasion of Russia or The Patriotic War of 1812 (French Vs. Russians):
    French (1 city: Warsaw; 670 units) Vs. Russia (15 cities; 420 units)
    Map of a part of Russia: 6,132 plots (84 * 73).

    3) The Waterloo Campaign (French Vs. British and Prussians): the Waterloo Campaign (15 June - 8 July 1815) was fought between the French Army of the North led by Napoleon and two of the Seventh Coalition armies, a British-German-Dutch army commanded by the Duke of Wellington and a Prussian army commanded by Prince Blücher. The three main battles were fought at Quatre-Bras and Ligny on 16 June and south of Waterloo on 18 June 1815.

    Map: centre of Belgium (and a small portion of France in the area of Maubeuge)
    Number of plots: 2,898
    Number of units: 2,898 (1,115 French, 738 British-German-Dutch, 1,045 Prussian)
    French forces versus the Coalition: 62.5%
    3 armies playable (British and Prussians are a Team).
    Resources, improvements, roads, rivers, hamlets, villages and towns on map but Cities (or Settlers): none!
    You can only achieve a Time Victory (as the Conquest Victory requires you to have at least one city).

    Score is the total number of your military units left.

    Enjoy (or despair...)! :D

    Version 4.2 uploaded on 22 December 2015.

    Discussion thread

    Note that the Mod is still named "Waterloo" as per the initial release and despite the additions.
    Unzip in BtS/Mods folder (Charlemagne, etc). Load BtS, then the Mod or double-click directly on one of the three .CivBeyondSwordWBSave files (Europe1805, Russia1812, Waterloo1815) in the PrivateMaps folder.