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Frouro Frigate 2018-05-18

a heavily armed Chiss "glass cannon"

  1. Meteor Man
    a heavily armed Chiss "glass cannon"

    Includes: attack.flc, default.flc, death.flc, attack.wav, death.wav, .ini file, civilopedia icons, units32 pic, and a civilopedia entry (below)

    The Star Wars Unit Thread

    with civ color!

    ^The [Frouro] is a heavily armed but lightly armored frigate available to the Chiss.
    ^{Length:} 350 m
    ^{Hyperdrive Rating:} 2.0
    ^{Armament:} 2 megamasers
    ^{Complement:} none
    ^{Crew:} 750
    ^Heavily armed and shielded for its size, the Frouro was designed to patrol quiet sectors of Chiss territory, freeing up larger and more powerful ships like the Chaf Destroyer for more dangerous assignments. Most often deployed in conjunction with other classes of ship, the Frouro’s main weakness was quickly identified as an uncharacteristically weak hull which led to some commanders calling it the “glass cannon” of the fleet.

    preview colors broken