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Frozen v1.0 (Fall Further) 2016-10-05

Frozen v1.0 (Fall Further)

  1. TC01
    Frozen Civilization (for Fall Further) v1.0
    Fall Further 0.51c

    This mod adds the Frozen civilization to Fall Further. It contains everything from v1.0 of the Frozen civilization. The Frozen are a divine civ, like the Mercurians and the Infernals. They are summonable by all non-good civilizations, after building the Liberation ritual (project) at Elementalism. However, this ritual has an Ice Mana production bonus, favoring either the Illians or whoever owns Letum Frigus.

    Why should you play as them? Well, in addition to having have several unique abilities, units, buildings, and spells, you can also ascend as the Frozen, creating Taranis Ascended (whose art is Mulcarn's from the Age of Ice scenario), as well as completing any "Spell of Winter" ritual that the Illians have not yet already created. The rest of the Frozen art is composed of a bizarre mix of Frostling, Infernal, and Illian art. See the forum thread for more information on what exactly the civ contains.

    Please note that it is no longer even semi-modular (except for the diplomacy text).

    To install, just run the included executable.

    Fall from Heaven 2 version, Forum thread

    -TC01 (civ, idea)

    -MagisterCultuum (help, Ascended Passive Snowfall Spread spell)
    -The_Coyote (the old Kocrachon/Locust)
    -Lord Tirian (the new Kocrachon/Locust graphic)
    -Bill Bisco (ideas, feedback)
    -Valkrionn (help, merger with RIFE, install script)
    -Sephi (help, merger with Wildmana)
    -Xienwolf (help)
    -mimic, Cupric Leane (ideas)
    -Cyther (rationale for Taranis's ascension)
    -Tarquelne (alignment idea)
    -Tasunke (feedback)
    -Deon (feedback, palace art)
    -DioAurion (Wildmana feedback)
    -Other Planetfall art contributors (some promotion buttons)
    -Gravage, Swinkscalibur, 2Hydroclopse, Breez, Schwarzbart, Brokenbone, jimmythes, Sarisin (RIFE feedback)

    And many other people who give feedback, including Rise from Erebus testers.

    -Fall from Heaven 2 Mod Team (for making FFH 2) and anyone who contributed to it (see their "Credits" thread)
    -Fall Further Mod Team (for making FF) and anyone who contributed to it (see their "Credits" thread)

    -Firaxis/2K Games (maker of Civ 4)


    1. passive_ice_spread_xT0.jpg
    2. frozen_units_9jD.jpg
    3. summon_winter_creatures_aGv.jpg