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Full Game Balance (BNW Fall Patch based) 2016-10-05

Full Game Balance (BNW Fall Patch based)

  1. Ninakoru
    The premise is simple: balance as much as possible maintaining the game as intact as possible.

    Supports English, Spanish and Italian languages.

    This is a brief explanation of all the changes:

    Vanilla Natural Wonders Boosted: All vanilla Natural wonders now have at least 6 yield units.

    Less Warmonger Hate: 40% less hate from conquests, and 40% faster recover. Also denunciations and liberation/capital conquest wheight less in opinion.

    Early economy aid: Monument, Shrine and Unique replacements have 0 maintenance

    No AI free techs and much less starting units: No AI free techs, one less unit of everything except scouts.

    Some science changes: Library +1 Science, University +2 Science 25% boost, National collegue boost split between itself and Oxford University (25% each). And the latter is unlocked at Architecture.

    Great Ingeneer and Merchant improvement boosts[/u]: Manufactory and Customs House have 5 base yield, plus 2 on Chemistry and Economics respectively.

    Windmill worthy: No hill restriction, +3 Production instead of +2, also Cofee House is affected with no maintenance.

    Worst World Wonders Boosted: Ankor Wat +3 Culture and Gold, Kremlin +5 production but armor production boost down from 50% to 30%, Pentagon a bit cheaper and unlocked at Combustion.

    Some beliefs buffs: Goddess of protection give 50% city strength, Religious settlements up to 25% border culture cut, Ceremonial burial boosted to 2 Happiness each 3 cities. Peace loving happiness boosted from 8 foreign followers to 6. World church culture boosted from 5 foreign followers to 4.

    Siege more effective: All siege units have free Cover I promotion.

    Social policies balance:

    · Tradition: culture growth down from 25% to 15%, happiness and gold form Monarchy down from 1 per 2 pop to 1 per 3 pop. Ranged city attack from 50% to 30%.
    · Liberty: unhappiness cut up from 5% to 8%.
    · Honor: +2 production in capital and 10% unit production instead of 15% melee production bonus. Three units maintenance-free, and instead of garrison bonuses: Walls, Stables and Forges give +1 happiness and Culture and 25% building bonus.
    · Piety: +1 culture from shrines and temples, +1 food from granaries and hospitals, +4 happiness from grand temple and -10% culture cost for future policies.
    · Exploration: Science from improved sea resources and 15% naval units production.
    · Rationalism: Secularism science bonus downd form 2 science per specialist to 1.

    Less powered cities: Decreased cities strength about 40%, about 30% if we add to the math contemporary walls. City HP up from 200 to 250, heal per turn from 20 to 25 also. All walls give now +50 HP.

    Soften ranged units: All ranged units have a 15% damage penalty when attacking a damaged unit. Non-siegue ranged units have 25% damage penalty attacking cities.

    Air minor changes: Air units rebase distance increased from 2x to 2.5x bombard range. Air units heal 20 HP instead of 25 HP when Air Repair promotion is taken.

    AI Policy balance: Tweaked some flavors to help the AI be more varied in the policy selection. AI will prioritize more non-ancient policies when available.

    More details at this forum posts:



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