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Future-era forest/irrigation "Biopods" 2016-10-05

Future-era forest/irrigation "Biopods"

  1. GenMarshall
    I did not make the basic graphics for these, I just cut & pasted.

    The hydroponics graphic (dome with crops inside) is by bhiita.
    The SMAC city graphics were converted and posted by Pounder, from some that were provided by Ozymandias.
    I used Rhye's forest terrain files (found in Rhye's of Civilization) as the "background" on which I pasted the Biopod images.

    I call these Biopods. In the mod I am building (a variation on Rhye's of Civilization-Expanded, with a future era added), these replace the Forest tiles. I give them 3 food, 1 shield, and 1 commerce, and they are only available (with the "plant forest" worker action renamed as "build biopod") in the future era, with terraforming technology. Regular forest appears on my map as preplaced LM (landmark) Forest, so there will actually be two kinds of "forest" in the mod.