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Future Regicide MP 0.96 2016-10-05

Future Regicide MOD 0.96

This is a BTS implementation of the popular future regicide mode from civ3.
FRM was designed from the ground up as a multi-player mod for the Civ4Players community @


Future Regicide is a Predominantly teamer based game where the goal is to either locate and kill the the other team's king's, Annihilate their cities or have the most points at the end of the time limit.

Gameplay Changes

* Regicide function
* King Unit - King unit is hidden when in a city unless it is the only unit.
* Airbase's - Workers can create airbase's to station aircraft closer to enemy territory.
* Colonies - Workers can create colonies on resources outside your borders.
* Additional Resource Rubber - Used for Modern Armour to create gameplay options.
* New Era: Future Ladder added.
* New Speed: Future Regicide added.
* Cruise Missile - Using Aluminum kills initial target + 3 Collateral targets instantly.
* Bombers can be placed on carriers and can bombard roads and create debris.
* All techs are known from the start except satalites which has been removed.
* Religions are researched and all civic options are available from the start.

**** UPDATED FOR 3.17
This is version 0.96b

I would like to thank everyone here at Civ Fanatics for making this possible. especially TGA, Gerikes, MatzeHH, TheLopez and Kael for their great articles and selfless answering of questions. As well as everyone at Civ4players, especially Canuck Soldier and Moineau.

I have used Build Outside Borders by The Lopez as well as cannibalizing some code I can't think of at the moment but will add to credits in final release.
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