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Future Worlds Vox Populi Compatibility Patch 0.2

Trying to balance things in Future Worlds for Vox Populi

  1. donqrakko
    Work in progress! Game is still unbalanced. Maybe somebody will help me to balance it a little bit? Like units costs, promotion fixes etc.

    I'm not a mod author of these files, just changed them a little bit and made a single pack of needed files to make this mod playable with VOX.

    Original file authors:
    TimurB - Future Perfection v3 (link below)
    Nexmury - Future Worlds Compatibility fix (link below)
    bouncymischa - Future Worlds

    What this do:
    Makes VOX 5.10.7 compatibile with Future Worlds. XML and SQL variables from original
    compatibility fix by Nexmury have been changed to match these from VOX 5.10.7 version (Techcosts, units promotions etc).
    Everything what is needed except Future Worlds is included in this .zip file.
    I've tested it for a little while, everything seems to be working, but game is unbalanced. I'm still working on it, see changes.txt

    1. Install original Future Worlds from steam workshop or from civfanatics forum.
    2. Extract Future Perfection (v 3).zip to your civilization 5 mod folder like my games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS
    3. Extract Future Worlds (v 6).zip to your civilization 5 mod folder like my games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS and overwrite all files
    4. Extract FW compatibility fix.zip to temporary folder and open it, and proceed to step 5
    5. Now repeat steps described by Nexmury in FW compatiblity fix/READ_ME.txt
    6. Play Civ 5, enable Future Worlds and Future Perfection and you are done!

    Vox Populi - https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/community-patch-how-to-install.528034/
    Future Worlds - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596919865
    Future Perfection v3 - https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/future-perfection.626134/


    Future Worlds Compatibility fix by Nexmury - tweaks for VOX 5.10.7 by donqrakko


    FW Compatibility by Nexmury files:
    * tech/techcostchanges.sql - changed variables to match VOX 5.10.7
    * units/promotionchanges.xml - changed variables to match VOX 5.10.7
    * units/promotionchanges.sql - added "iklwa" promotion to units
    * units/promotionchanges.sql - added "anti submarine" promotion to units
    * units/promotionchanges.sql - added "invisible submarine" promotion to units
    * units/unitchanges.sql - added purchase cooldown from VOX 5.10.7
    * units/unitcombat.sql - changed RangedCombat to 13 to match VOX 5.10.7


    * future perfection/future perfection v3.modinfo - added dependency for (2) Community Balance Overhaul
    * future perfection/xml/unitsfpupdate.xml - added supercarrier intercept range=6, changed combat to 100, rangedcombat to 55, range to 2, moved to prerequisite tech particle physics
    * future perfection/xml/unitsfpupdate.xml - added promotions; armor plating I: railgunarmor, giant death robot
    * future perfection/xml/unitsfpupdate.xml - changed how Arsenal Ship works. Now its melee unit like Missile Cruiser (it was changed in VOX). Added Bonus vs Cities like in VOX
    * future perfection/xml/unitsfpupdate.xml - added air defence value from VOX to some units
    * future perfection/xml/unitsfpupdate.xml - due to possibility to upgrade from bazookas to UAVs, they interherit penalties and bonuses from them.
    * future worlds/xml/units.xml - adjusted future era unit costs slightly

    Known issues
    * due to missile cruiser changes, there is a "upgrade" conflict with destroyer ships. It's impossible to upgrade arsenal ship to missile destroyer.