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Futuristic City Graphics 2021-01-14

5 city sets for modern/future scenarios

  1. squaretable22
    Howdy all!:)

    Here's 5 futuristic city sets I made for personal use, but I thought "Hey! Why not share with you guys?"

    In sum, I have done 5 city graphics, all of which feature the center-city ornament of each culture type

    American - Corporate Capitalist Glass City (inspired by places like the City of London)
    European - Green Vertical Forest Eco-Paradise (inspired by the Vertical Forests of Singapore/Milan)
    Mediterranean - Theocratic Synthwave (somewhat inspired by Southern California, Vice City, Vegas)
    Asian - Dystopian Cyberpunk Authoritarian (inspired by the USSR and 1980s Hong Kong)
    MidEast - Arid Militaristic (somewhat inspired by this: https://preview.tinyurl.com/ageofwarfuture)

    Each set includes three graphics for Town, City and Metro, and are shipped with the Ancient, Industrial and Modern graphics from each culture - but ofc can be mixed and matched as you please. Another thing to bear in mind is that each .pcx also comes with its own pallette.