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G&H's Ainu People - Shakushain for VP

G&H's Ainu People - Shakushain for VP v.16

Adds the Ainu People, led by Shakushain. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP

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Credits :
  • Umeko Ando : Peace Theme (Iyomante Upopo) and War Theme (Battaki)
  • Alicia Ruckle : Original art for the Matangitono (all rights reserved)
  • Lisa Heidoff : Original art for the Matagi (all rights reserved)
  • Gedemon, Nutty & Dolen2 : Original UU 3d models from Ethnic Diversity
  • Xenon257R : 3d model and ImprovementIcon for the Kotan (currently placeholder)
  • Guandao & Reedstilt : Original research and GameText for the base Civ V Ainu mod
  • Leugi & Pouakai : Concept, 3d model and Art for the Casi (Pa of the Maori civ mod)
  • The Bearded Lady : DoM speech
  • JP : UnitFlags and CivIcon
  • Astérix Rage : Promotion Icons, Strategic View UnitFlags, UnitFlag and UnitIcon for Great Nispa, Help with art
  • Hinin : Original concept, Research, Design, GameText, UUs 3d models modifications, Diplomacy and AI flavors, Help with art, Testing, Direction
  • gwennog : XML, SQL, Lua, Leaderscene, LeaderIcon, Map, all UnitIcons and integration of UnitFlags and CivIcons, Precious help with research and design, Testing
Special Thanks :
  • Regalman : Original map for the base Civ V Ainu mod
  • Adan_eslavo, Infixo & Blue Ghost : Lua sources
  • Irkalla : Civ Icon guide
  • Deliverator : 3d model guide
  • HungryForFood : Lua API wiki
  • Sukritact : Help for contacting Leugi
  • Astérix Rage, pineappledan and Kim Dong Un : Early feedback
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More resources from gwennog

Latest updates

  1. VP4.2 Compatibility

    Fixed promotion issues for Matangitono and Matagi Prowl Promotion are now : Ignores enemy Zone...
  2. 3.0 compatibility

    3.0 compatibility
  3. Matagi flavor increase

    Matagi flavor increase for the AI to use it more Add MCfVP in References
  4. Bugfix

    Various bug fixes detected by @adan_eslavo
  5. Kotan changes, Minor GameText changes and Flavors and Victory Pursuits changes

    List of changes Kotan changes : loses 1 base :c5production: Production, but gains +1...
  6. Update Recursive's new victory code and Improvement Casi

    Updates Added Recursive's new victory code Added Belief Unity of Prophets (+4 :c5faith: Faith...
  7. BugFix and Gameplay change

    Fix : Casi Trapped promotion applied to non-Ainu units even when in non-Ainu territory. Fix ...
  8. Kotan tweaked

    Kotan tweaked : Reduced base yield to 1 :c5production:/:c5culture: Eliminated malus from GPTIs...
  9. Kotan tweaked

    Kotan tweaked : Reduced base yield to 1 :c5production:/:c5culture: Eliminated malus from GPTIs...
  10. Bugfix for Spirited Promotion And Adjacent Camps and Fishing Boats

    Bugfix : Under certain conditions Spirited Promotion didn't disappear The camps and fishing...
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