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G&H's Ainu People - Shakushain for VP

G&H's Ainu People - Shakushain for VP v.16

Fixed promotion issues for Matangitono and Matagi
Prowl Promotion are now : Ignores enemy Zone of Control. Unit withdraws from the first Melee attack each turn if possible.
  • Matagi flavor increase for the AI to use it more
  • Add MCfVP in References
Various bug fixes detected by @adan_eslavo
List of changes
  • Kotan changes : loses 1 base :c5production: Production, but gains +1 :c5production: Production per adjacent Resource and grants +1 :c5happy: Happiness to the City if adjacent to it
  • Minor GameText changes
  • Flavors and Victory Pursuits changes
  • Added Recursive's new victory code
  • Added Belief Unity of Prophets (+4 :c5faith: Faith and :c5science: Science) for Improvement Casi
  • Fix : Casi Trapped promotion applied to non-Ainu units even when in non-Ainu territory.
  • Fix : Casi Trapped promotion applied even when the Casi was pillaged.
  • Fix : Matangitono capable of building pastures instead of Fishing Boats.
  • Changed : Kotan no longer buildable near Natural Wonders or on resources. Allows the use of Automated Workers (no more Lua code for UI placement).
  • Fix : GameText for Kotan, Casi, Matangitono and Ainu and Shakushain civilopedia articles.
Kotan tweaked :
  • Reduced base yield to 1 :c5production:/:c5culture:
  • Eliminated malus from GPTIs
  • Eliminated Casi / Kotan interaction
Kotan tweaked :
  • Reduced base yield to 1 :c5production:/:c5culture:
  • Eliminated malus from GPTIs
  • Eliminated Casi / Kotan interaction
Bugfix :
  • Under certain conditions Spirited Promotion didn't disappear
  • The camps and fishing boats still affected Kotans
Bugfix :

Geat Nispa didn't win promotions from Lightning Warfare Policy and Exploration Policy.

Game change :

UI - Kotan

Unlocked at Trapping ; replaces Village ; 800 construction time
Must be built near water or Natural Wonder, and not next to another Kotan
Doesn't require feature removal, and can be constructed on resources (without improving them)

2 :c5culture: / 1 :c5production:
-1 :c5food:/:c5culture:/:c5faith: & +1 :c5gold: per adjacent non-road improvement, except Camps and Fishing Boats

Tech bonuses :
  • Sailing : +1 :c5food:/:c5culture:/:c5faith:
  • Theology : +1 :c5food:/:c5culture:/:c5faith:
  • Rifling : +1 :c5food:/:c5culture:/:c5faith:
Game the same bonuses from Policies as the Village
- Kotan rework by gwennog and Hinin after feedback from @Milae :
  • can no longer be constructed next to cities, but can be placed on resources (without improving them);
  • malus changed to -2 Culture / -1 Faith;
  • inflicts 5 damages to enemy units ending their turn next to it (like the Encampment / Kasbah);
  • Construction time reduced from 12 turns to 8 turns (to take into account the need to acquire 2nd ring tiles to place them)
- GameText changes and Diplomacy GameText additions by Hinin.
  • Astérix Rage : New Promotion Icons for the Great Nispa and the Casi (thunderous applause) :hug:
  • gwennog : Matagi is given UNITAI_ATTACK to be used more aggressively (as a line unit) by the AI
  • Hinin : Update for the GameText (fix for Trapped) with some adjustements
  • Fix for Casi adjacency interaction with Kotan
  • Sorry for the inconvenience
  • Kotan rework : now limited to tiles near water or Natural Wonder, adjacency bonuses removed, bonus happiness removed
  • Matagi rework : +1 base CS (21 instead of 20), Soul Liberation now gives the ability to attack again this turn instead of GWriter points
  • Yukar Gathering removed : replaced by Great Nispa (a GGeneral replacement)
  • The Great Nispa gives access to the Casi, a unique Citadel (3d model used with the approval of Leugi)
  • SQL and Lua cleannup by gwennog
  • New PromotionIcons for the Matagi by Astérix Rage
  • GameText cleannup and new by Hinin
  • Save loading fixed
  • Add Dawn of Man speech by The Bearded Lady (thank you very much to her and pineappledan)
  • Add better Strategic View UnitFlags (courtesy of Astérix Rage)
  • Change modified UA text to make it more understandable (with help from GM)
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