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G&H's Catalonia - Guifré el Pelut for VP

G&H's Catalonia - Guifré el Pelut for VP v.5

Adds Catalonia, led by Guifré el Pelut. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP

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Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to original authors) :
  • Hespèrion XXI & Jordi Savall - Mare Nostrum : Peace Theme - El Cant dels Ocells
  • Jordi Savall - La Capella Reial de Catalunya - Le Concert des Nations : War Theme - Els Segadors (Official national anthem of Catalonia since 1993)
  • Omar Samy : Original character picture for the Almogavers (Artstation page)
  • Pouakai : Final Sagrada Familia Icon and Wondersplash
  • Gedemon, Nutty & Dolen2 : Original Almogavers and International Brigades 3d models from Ethnic Diversity (Viking Spearman and French Great War Soldier)
  • LeaderIcon from Comtes Serie - L'origen de Catalunya
  • Many photos from the internet for the buildings, a big thank you to the photographers who capture the world to make it visible to all
Development Credits :
  • gwennog : Design, code and art
  • Hinin : Design, Promotion Tree design and mechanism for Militia, Map
  • Padre19 : Lua code for At War and Disband Militia
  • Whoward69 and Aradgula : UI National Wonder Splash Screens sources to add quotes and Splash Screens to different parts of the Sagrada Familia
Special Thanks :
  • Whoward69, Adan_eslavo, Infixo, Blue Ghost, JFD, TarcisioCM, Pineappledan : Lua inspirations
  • Irkalla : Civ Icon guide
  • Deliverator : 3d model guide
  • HungryForFood : Lua API wiki
  • Astérix Rage : Icon and Screen dimension guide, toolbox and manual for all artistic parts
  • VP teams for all bug fixing work and to improve VP again and again.
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Latest updates

  1. Change some components, fix bugs and compatibility with 4.7

    Replace International Brigades by Miquelet The Gran Companyia promotion now also gives +10%...
  2. VP 3.4 Compatibility

    Change base national population requirement for each part of The Sagrada Familia
  3. Almogaver's corrections

    Following several points raised by @KlHannibal2 Add Formation I Change Promotion Icon and...
  4. Bug fix and modification of unique buildings bonus.

    Bug fix : Some display bugs Important bug when the International Brigades were disbanded...
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