G&H's Louisiana - Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard for VP

G&H's Louisiana - Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard for VP v.6

  • UA Gold formula now 10 * Era * gamespeed
  • Error on AlphaAtlas fixed
  • Add MCfVP in references
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Changed UU spawn rules:
  • Spawn speed is conditioned by game speed: Base 20 turns with 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 modifiers.
  • No limit on the number of UUs at once, the formula is now: 1 + 1/10 points (2 per Allied CS and City in resistance, 1 per City friend)
Added a new Krewe:
Lot of Changes
  • UA rework : removed the Citizen birth part by construction of Buildings or Improvements, with bonus gold added ; new system for UU spawning, every 20 turns with the number of units spawned depending on CState diplomacy and the number of cities in resistance
  • Reworked formulas for UA bonus and Métissage bonus for the Grand Voyageur
  • Change to the Vieux Carré :Tech requirement changed and bonus from citizen birth replaced by tourism bonus to specific specialists and GWorks
  • Beausoleil's LeaderIcon reversed to correctly show his number of citizen in the diplo list
  • Lua Code Cleanup
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