G&H's Scotland - Robert I Bruce for VP

G&H's Scotland - Robert I Bruce for VP v.15

Adds the Kingdom of Scotland, led by Robert I Bruce. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP

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Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to original authors) :
Credits :
  • Astérix Rage : Promotion Icons, CivIcon
  • gwennog : XML, SQL, Lua, Design, UnitIcons, CivIcon, Leaderscene, LeaderIcon, Map, UUs 3d models integration, Constant feedback and precious help concerning my disastrous SQL, Testing
  • Hinin : Research, Design, SQL (fledgeling), Leaderscene, LeaderIcon, UUs 3d models modifications, help for UnitIcons and CivIcon, UNW BuildingIcon, Leaderscene, LeaderIcon, GameText, Diplomacy and AI flavors, Testing
Special Thanks :
  • Janboruta : Map example from the Scotland mod
  • Adan_eslavo, Infixo, Blue Ghost, JFD, TarcisioCM, Pineappledan : Lua inspirations
  • Irkalla : Civ Icon guide
  • Deliverator : 3d model guide
  • HungryForFood : Lua API wiki
  • Astérix Rage : Icon and Screen dimension guide, constant support
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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility with Even More Resources for VP

    Allows you to build the Dun Cinneadh on resources added by Even More Resources for VP
  2. 3.2 Compatibility

    Remove Logging camp for bonuses on improvement adjacent to Dun Cinneadh
  3. 3.0 compatibility the good one

    3.0 compatibility the good one
  4. Bugfix

    Various bug fixes detected by @adan_eslavo
  5. Nerfed Bhonnaich Promotion and Game text corrections

    Decreased Bhonnaich's HP bonus to +15 Fixed errors in the GameText Fixed an error in the...
  6. Added Recursive's new victory code

    Added Recursive's new victory code
  7. Add new promotion icons and change the bonus from adjacent Dun Cinneadh improvements

    News Promotion Icons from Asterix Rage :thanx: Dun Cinneadh Adjacency bonuses add: +1...
  8. Bugfix for Musketman obtained instead of Schiltron and Bhonnaich Promotion

    Bugfix : Musketman obtained instead of Schiltron, fixed Bhonnaich Promotion didn't work...
  9. BugFix for Plot Dun Cinneadh and call unit XPs

    Bugfix : Tile claimed by the Dun Cinneadh was not attributed to a city Unit calls for war...
  10. Dun Cinneadh change

    UI - Dun Cinneadh Unlocked at Masonry 800 construction time Must be built on Resource tiles...
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