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(G+K or BNW) Goldsmith and Jewelers Lite (v 351) 2016-10-05

(G+K or BNW) Goldsmith and Jewelers Lite (v 351)

  1. isnorden
    Adds the Goldsmith's Shop, Jeweler's Shop, and Court Jeweler buildings; NOT a standalone mod.


    * The _Goldsmith's Shop_ becomes available with Mining; it increases the monetary value of Gold and Silver mines closest to the city where the shop was built. A Goldsmith's Shop also improves the value of nearby gems and a few sea resources. However, the city must have a working Gold or Silver mine before adding this building.

    * The _Jeweler's Shop_ becomes available with Metallurgy. It also improves the monetary value of some gems and metals; however, that is not the main benefit of a Jeweler's Shop. The building can produce Jewelry in exchange for Platinum, ending City-States' monopoly on the trade. Of course, this also means that only a city with a working Platinum mine nearby can build a Jeweler's Shop. That city must also have a Goldsmith's Shop first.

    * The _Court Jeweler_ is a national wonder, unlocked at Metallurgy and buildable only in a capital city. It acts as a free Jeweler's Shop, producing Jewelry without using or requiring local Platinum. However, the player must have at least four Goldsmith's Shops throughout his empire.

    Besides a free shop, the Court Jeweler provides three more bonuses: +10% each to the capital's Gold and Culture, and +2 to local Happiness.


    * This mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion pack, but should also work normally with Brave New World. I have no plans to add a Vanilla-compatible edition, although other modders are welcome to try.

    * Besides the official DLC, two mods which add new luxury resources _must_ be installed--

    1. More Luxuries by Barathor
    2. Resource Expansion Packs by Glacierheart

    For a standalone version of this mod, go here--



    * This mod _will not work_ if the standalone version is already activated.

    * So far, I've needed to block only one other mod which keeps this one from working properly: the original Goldsmith building by WHoward69.

    * Besides those, only mods which delete the techs and resources used here should cause any problems. If any conflicts occur that I haven't predicted, please leave me a note.


    By now, mentioning everyone who helped me create this mod (and who did what) would make the in-game text too long to save. If you're reading this from the Mods window and your name appears under mine, I appreciate all your hard work -- whether you contributed code, graphics, or technical advice.

    One CivFanatics user deserves to be named directly, though: WHoward69, for permitting me to rework his Goldsmith building mod (available at http://www.picknmixmods.com ).