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(G&K) Urban Renewal and Sacred Cows (v 61) 2016-10-05

(G&K) Urban Renewal and Sacred Cows (v 61)

  1. isnorden
    Partly inspired by BigGlare's and Krajzen's work, this mod makes growing a multi-city empire easier:

    * Cities begin with 2 inhabitants (4 in the capital) and consume food at half the usual rate.
    * Unhappiness from growing population is reduced by 25% for ALL civilizations.
    * Unhappiness from building multiple cities is reduced by 25% for ALL civilizations.
    * The multi-city penalty for adopting new social policies is reduced by 25%.
    * The minimum distance between cities has been reduced from 4 hexes to 3.

    The mod also radically changes India's special trait:

    * SACRED CATTLE doubles the number of Cattle found by the player. It also unlocks a unique improvement, the Gopachara or sacred cow pasture (see the in-game text for more details).
    * Cows become a luxury resource, raising Happiness by 3 for each Pasture or Gopachara. Currently, all civilizations get the Happiness bonus; I'm still searching for a hack that would make it exclusive to India.



    * This mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion. It may not work completely with Brave New World, but a compatible version is also available here:



    NOTE: Although it isn't strictly necessary to install other mods with this one, I recommend adding the following:

    * Resource Pack -- Land Animals ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=241400416 )
    * Resource Pack -- On-Map Generator ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=241234462 )



    * Added support for the cattle breeds in Glacierheart's resource pack.
    * Doubled the starting population for all civs' capital cities.
    * Corrected bugs which kept two important files from loading.