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G&K Wonder Pack 2016-10-05

G&K Wonder Pack

  1. Pouakai
    Since not everyone will purchase the new expansion, Brave New World, this pack includes those wonders which are to be updated to utelise the new features of the expansion, subsequently becoming incompatible. In order to optimise loading time the wonders are contained within the same files, however instructions are included within to tailor the wonders included to your own personal taste.

    Wonders Included:
    - Borobudur
    - Broadway
    - Grand Canal
    - Nazca Lines
    - Panama Canal
    - Santa Maria delle Grazie
    - Stone Town
    - Topkapi Palace
    - Torre Del Oro
    - Westminster Abbey

    To tailor the list to your own personal preferences, please follow the below steps:
    1. Navigate to the Mods folder, found at My Documents / My Games / Sid Meier's Civilization V / MODS
    2. Select the Gods and Kings Wonder Pack folder within said MODS folder
    3. In each file within the XML folder, Find every reference to the wonder you wish to remove. These are labelled by text within the comment tags (<!--Comment text will be within these, except for the parentheses-->), and will be green if you are using a program which displays XML syntax correctly, such as Notepad++ or the Civilization V SDK
    4. Around all entries for the wonders in subject (These will be from the commented wonder name and will be surrounded by a Row tag), Add comment syntax, (As above) either side of the Row tags for the wonder.
    5. If this is done correctly for all XML files in the pack, the wonder should not show up ingame.
    NOTE: For Stone Town, you will also need to disable the Cloves wonder. You do not need to disable the font icon, as it has no influence on the game without the resource / wonder appearing.

    If any assistance is needed, feel free to ask in the More Wonders topic

    Requires the Gods and Kings expansion, will NOT work with Brave New World, and credit to co-author Sukritact for all icons except the Panama Canal, which is a residual from the game files. For a full version of the above tech tree with the wonders, Click here


    1. tech_tree_Jda.jpg