G&T's The Basques for Vox Populi

G&T's The Basques for Vox Populi v.3

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Artistic Credits (All Rights Reserved to original authors):

Development Credits:

  • Txurce: Original Idea, Research, Design, GameText, DoM Voice, Testing
  • Jarcast: Code, Design
  • Adan_eslavo: Code, Design
  • Ghost Toast: 3DModel for Burdinola
  • Gwennog: Research, Design, Art, Code, Testing
Special Thanks:

  • Jarcast, Adan_eslavo: for their great knowledge of lua code and their kindness in communicating it
  • Ghost Toast: for taking the time to create an original 3D Model for the Burdinola
  • Irkalla: Civ Icon guide
  • Deliverator: 3d model guide
  • HungryForFood: Lua API wiki
  • VP teams for all bug fixing work and to improve VP again and again
Very Special Thanks:

  • Hinin, Astérix Rage: A civilization without them, but it was they who gave me a taste for that
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Latest updates

  1. Nerf Lema and Kortsarioa Promotion

    Lema Promotion loses +1:c5moves: Movement Kortsarioa Promotion has now 5 turns of duration (was 10)
  2. Add 3Dmodel from Ghost Toast, bug corrections, some changes

    Add beautiful 3Dmodel for Burdinola from @ghost toast, many thanks for this beautiful work...

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