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GAIA for Civilization V (v. 8) 2016-10-05

GAIA for Civilization V - Brave New World
beta (v. 8) - 06.10.2015 - 00:00 Uhr (CET)

GAIA - epic: new goals, new opportunities
GAIA is an epic mod which changes many aspects from Antiquity to Information Age of the game and creates new opportunities. The focus is on additional content such as units and buildings in order to improve the game experience.
It is a further development of my mod with the same name for Civilization III - Conquests, which was published first in 2007.


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GAIA for Civilization V - Brave New World (v. 8)
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- 40 Unitclasses (among others: Defensive Infantry, Helicopter, Naval Ranged Units, Missile Submarines, Naval Fighter, Recon Aircrafts and many more)
- 142 Standard Units for every Civilization
- 59 Special Units for single Civilizations
- 87 Bonus Units that increase the unit diversity
- Special Units are longer available
- standardized Icons
- Revision and adaptation of the combat values, Promotions etc. (see Einheitenindex.xlsx)

Promotions and Abilities:
- Revision of the categories and restructuring
- Unit-Abilities (e.g.: Founder for Settler) are shown as Unit-Promotions
- deleted unused Promotions

- 10 new Technologies (among others: Jet Engine, Avionics, Polymer Fibers, Space Flight and many more)
- Adaptation and restructuring of the technology tree


(click to enlarge; with activated Enhanced User Interface)

- new Building: Coal Plant (Production)

Wonder, National Wonder und Projects:
- new Wonder: St. Peter's Basilica (Religion), Panama Canal (Gold), The Motherland Calls-Monument (Military), Three Gorges Dam (Production), Etemenanki (Religion) and Large Hadron Collider (Research)

- Unified Concept of texts for Units, Promotions, Buildings, Wonders, etc.
- added additional font icons to simplify the texts
- Correction of errors and inaccuracies
- Involved large unit images in the Civilopedia

More Features:
- additional Font Icons among others:
- additional Trade Routes
- additional Spies
- some Special-Units have individual names
- increased movement on railroad with Modern Logistics
- minimum distance of cities now 2 hexes
- new Era-Splash for Information-Era

GAIA is incompatible with most other mods. The following lists are not exhaustive.
Incompatible Mods:
- all mods with new civilizations, units, buildings or similar content.
- R.E.D. Modpack by Gedemon
- Civilisations by Pouakai
- Events and Decisions
Known Bugs:
- The strategic view is not available.
- Should there be any problems with loading a savegame, the process should be repeated several times.
- Special-Buildings of civilizations appear partly as units.
- The animations of the TOW Soldier runs partly incorrect.
- AndreP for technical assistance
- Belzhorash for technical assistance
- whoward69 for the Tools DDS Converter and Mod Tools
- Deliverator for the Tool Nexus Buddy 2.1
- Wolfdog for Unit Graphics
- danrell for Unit Graphics
- Snafusmith for Unit Graphics
- zwei833 for Unit Graphics
- sukritact for the Icon from "The Motherland Calls-Monument"
- "Die Welle" for Parts from Improved Air Recon
- salec for Parts from Example - Custom Font Icons
- Firaxis for various Graphics, Technologies, Wonder and Buildings
- Martin Wright for the Tool DXTBmp
- Alexandre Devilliers for the Tool Dragon UnPACKer
- Documentation for all units and civilizations is available.
- I am grateful for each comment!
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