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Game of Thrones / ASOIAF Scenario for BTS 2016-10-05

Game of Thrones / ASOIAF Scenario for BTS

  1. TheBeast
    Here is a scenario I created for Beyond the Sword using a map I made of the fictional world of Westeros (the setting of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series and the HBO show 'Game of Thrones'. See this thread for more details:


    This file is a .zip and includes a .BeyondSwordWBSave file. I believe you can either place this file in your world builder save folder for BTS or simply extract to your desktop and double click.
    If you have any issues opening/loading the file, you can post a comment here or on the above thread.

    **UPDATE** 3/21/2012
    -The Night's Watch and the Crownlands factions have been removed
    -New factions: House Frey of the Twins (vassals of Tully) and House Bolton of the Dreadfort (vassals of Stark)
    -House Lannister controls what used to be the Crownlands (King's Landing, Rosby, etc.)
    -The wall is now solid mountains except for one space where wildings can get through (if you play as the North, be careful)
    -Moat Cailin is now a city and of great strategic importance (cannot enter the north without going through moat cailin)
    -Greywater Watch is now just a fort
    -The rivers Mander and Fever are now ship navagable (represented by water tiles rather than river tiles)
    -Diplomacy tweaked (starks and lannisters shouldn't make peace after a few turns now)
    -Greyjoys do not have knights to start anymore (replaced by berserkers, knights still buildable tho)
    -Other minor map adjustments

    -Some Dorne units deleted (realized they were far too powerful)
    -Map is now unrevealed for all players. Scouts added.
    -Added Great Generals (most bound to Knights)
    -Added some units here and there
    -Adjusted some terrain/bonuses
    -Lannister starts with Harrenhal now
    -Stormland's army starts in Highgarden
    -Crownlands have no real army (no knights), only city defenders.

    Hopfully these changes will solve some of the existing issues.
    Let me know what you all think.



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