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GameFont Display 1.0

tool to display GameFont contents and find setup issues

  1. Nightinggale
    GameFont Display.jpg

    Adds a window to display all icons from both GameFont files as well as the button art and name from xml if it is possible to link a GameFont ID to anything in xml.

    The primary function is to be able to detect rows where the icons/name mismatch. If that happens, then something ingame will likely be displayed incorrectly.

    A secondary function is to generally just view the GameFont files and get the IDs of all the icons. You can write GameFont if you know the ID by typing (u" %c" % (iID)), though iID can usually be replaced with getChar().

    Note: this is a standalone BTS version of the similar tool written for the Colonization mod We The People. The city billboard part isn't included here because it requires DLL modding and makes it a lot more complex to add to existing mods.