GDG's Super OP Civ for FUN only 2.4.4

Super OP Civ for FUN only

  1. gelodgreat
    This mod is my personal mod. This is for fun only and sharing of knowledge. Feel free to use my mod and report any bugs that can be found.
    The default Civilization is Australia.

    Goals of this mod:
    • EXPERIMENTS of game data
    • Almost all traits that I liked from other civs is here.
    • Interesting units from other civs.
    • Extra units for every production of light,heavy,melee,ranged,naval ranged,naval melee,support and etc units
    • Modifiable Navy,Land,Air,Support Production
    • Modifiable Building production
    • Modifiable religion strength, religion spread distance, city-state influence point
    • Allows open borders to city-states
    • Can purchase all units using faith or gold
    • Modifiable trade yields (production,faith,gold,research any many more)
    • Modifiable District production
    • Modifiable Wonder Production
    • Modifiable City Growth, City Tiles
    • Modifiable Unit Upgrade Discount
    • Added Extra Wild Cards
    Fall patch update:
    • Added version info
    • Added customized military melee unit production
    • 100% faster border expansion
    • +95 build charge
    • Extra heavy cavalry, melee units for each production
    • Added 100% Settler Production bonus
    • Added all Suzerain bonus (Credits: Kavis)

    • If you want to change values of my traits just go in GDG_TheChosenUniqueTraits.sql and change the values in modifier arguments.
    • If you have any request to make a new trait please feel free to share it to me so I can work on it :D
    Files that can be changed if you want to use other civilization
    • GDG_Chosen_Civ_Component.sql (Change Leaders and CIvilization)
    • ArtDefs Folder. Edit the Landmarks.artdef and find every single CIVILIZATION_AUSTRALIA and change it to your chosen Civilization
    Thanks to @chiphead for the fix of the exclamation mark of the unique building and mbanza (uniquq district)

    0.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 1.jpg 8.jpg GDG_Chosen_text.png