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Gearing class Destroyer 2 types: as launched and FRAM2 gearing_1.0

Gearing class 1946 6070_FRAM2

  1. kine100
    Gearing class destroyer wiki

    2 types, as launched and after FRAM of gearing class destroyer.
    You may upgrade 1946 type to 60/70s FRAM type in the game.
    Using (might) destroyer animation.
    sorry I haven't tested and no time to have test for a while..
    If it goes wrong let me know.
    Any one can fix and modify this model.
    May have to reduce skin 512 to 256 or 128.

    gearing_class_dd_001.jpg gearing_class_dd_002.jpg gearing_dd_fram_001.jpg gearing_dd_fram_002.jpg