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Genestealer 2018-08-18

Dawn of War Conversion

  1. Fortis1
    Converted from Dawn of War 2.

    Genestealers infiltrate worlds on the way of the Great Devourer and infect imperial citizens, who start worhiping "Four-Handed Emperor" aftewards. This sects, called Genestealer Cults, spread in the underhive and rebel against Imperial authority. The same Cults serves as a beacon to Hive Mind, attracting Tyranid hordes. In the end, Imperial Worlds, torn by rebelion, become easy prey to ever hungry Tyranid swarm.

    On their own Genestealers are fearsom fighters - they compete in swiftness even with Eldar or Imperial Assassins and their rending claws are sharp enough to tear through Terminator Armor.

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  1. Node60
    Version: 2018-08-18