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Genghis Khan 2 Clan of the Gray Wolf 2016-10-05

Genghis Khan 2 Clan of the Gray Wolf

  1. P-Dubya
    Welcome to the Civilization 5 version of Genghis Khan 2 Clan of the Gray Wolf. Play as Genghis Khan and build the Mongolian Empire, or play as any of over 20 different nations from the early 13th Century and survive the Mongol Hordes. Map includes the entire European and Asian contintents, and Northern Africa. Victory conditions are Domination and Time, with 400 turns max (or 100 years game time) to achieve victory. Nations available include the Jin and Song Dynasties, the Angevin Kingdom of England, Capetian Kingdom of Spain, Denmark, India, the Holy Roman Empire (Germany), the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), Persia, the Arabian Empire, and more. This is an early working version, and will be updated. No religion, no science. The game takes place entirely in the Middle Ages, which means many of the civs will have unique units (Japanese Samuri, Korean H'watchas, Chinese (Jin) Cho-ku-Nus, English Longbowmen, Dutch Berzerkers, Arabian Camel Archers, etc).

    Version 2 Released 6/4/2016

    - Since there is no faith or religion in this scenario, Temples and Shrines now provide happiness. Circus Maximus happiness increased.
    - Since there is no scientific research in this scenario, Libraries and Universities provide extra spies (NOTE: When hovering your cursor over the Library or University in the city production screen, it will say nothing about providing extra spies. However, the Library provides 1 extra spy, the University 1 extra spy, and each player starts with 1 spy.)
    - The PaperMaker, which replaces the Library for the Chinese, will still provide extra spy.
    - The Wat, the building that replaces the University for Siam, will still provide extra spy.
    - Circuses and Colosseums provide more happiness, 4 and 5 respectively.
    - All Civilizations are able to build four unique units: the Siege Tower, the Battering Ram, the Quinquereme, and the Great Galleass. These units replace the Catapult, the Spearman, the Trireme, and the Galleass, respectively.
    - The Great Galleasses have been given a range of 3 instead of the original 2.
    - Battering Rams and Seige Towers not upgradable.
    - Social Policy titles changed.
    - National Treasury yields 3 extra trade routes.
    - All Civilizations start with a Great General, named after the Civilization's leader.


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