Genghis Khan for BtS 3.19 2016-10-05

Genghis Khan for BtS 3.19

  1. isenchine
    Genghis_Khan: Civ4 Warlords Mod now updated to Beyond the Sword 3.19

    Uploaded on 12 February 2016

    Author: FIRAXIS Games (Jon Shafer)

    Additional credits:
    Flavor units: Chugginator (European Medieval Worker)
    Platyping: Text Reader (CTRL-F12: displays the help text in a scrollable screen. Useful when encountering a huge army!)

    Jon Shafer: The rise of the Mongol Empire was one of the greatest feats in all of military history. Genghis Khan ("Universal Ruler") Temujin succeeded in uniting the scattered groups of Mongol tribes which had for most of their history fought amongst each other. His prowess in warfare accompanied by his charismatic personality saw the creation of the largest land empire ever. This was due not only to his genius but also to the strategies used by the Mongols as well as a very innate need to make war. The leader of a Mongol tribe was always the man who was most successful on the battlefield - often against each other. Now united, Temujin needed to look outside of the steppes north of the Gobi Desert and what followed thereafter was the conquest and destruction of a great many people.

    With the Mongols' great technological advantage over their neighbors, their ability to divide their enemies against each other and a revolutionary 'blitzkrieg'-like way fighting they were able to defeat much larger enemies and were in their time considered by many to be invincible. Additionally, Temujin and later Mongol leaders were willing to assimilate technology from their enemies and apply it within their own armies. The best example of this is the Trebuchet, borrowed from Chinese engineers, it would in turn bring down the walls of many a Chinese city.

    Despite these advantages the Mongols remained nomadic with few exceptions. In many ways, they are not a civilization as much as an 'anti-civilization'. The death toll caused by their armies ranges into the tens of millions and entire cities were razed to the ground with no survivors. Even so, their accomplishments cannot be denied and in addition to their battlefield success they also assisted with the spreading of many cultural and technological advances. The vast empire saw the first opening of the Silk Road between the Near and Far East, an event never before seen and not repeated after their fall until the 20th century.

    Single Player: in this scenario you will take the role of the Mongol Great Khan and unleash your armies on all of Eurasia. You have many possible paths to glory: the destruction of all of Asia, the subjugation of its people or to embrace civilization and prove that nomads can become the pinnacle of world culture. You start with no cities but instead have the Camp unit at your disposal. Camps will produce new units for your war machine and are essentially moving unit factories. You may, of course, capture cities and make them your own rather than burning them to the ground, but that is your decision to make. Note carefully that your score will be dropping constantly as the game continues. To ensure you achieve the 3000 points necessary for victory you may do your best to burn and kill all in your path, but taking a more peaceful route can also lead to success. Holding cities as well as destroying them, units and plot improvements will all provide you with the points you need for victory.

    Representing the Mongol affinity for borrowing their victims' ideas every civilization you conquer 2 cities from and/or successfully Vassalize will provide you with a new technology - unlocking new units, abilities and bonuses. Many of these can be very important, so make sure to 'research' your next target with the Technology Advisor and learn of the benefits their defeat will bring you.

    Good luck. Asia is a big place. :deadhorse:

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    Unzip in BtS/Mods folder (Charlemagne, etc).
    Load BtS, then the Mod or double-click directly on the file Genghis_Khan.CivBeyondSwordWBSave in the PrivateMaps folder.
    Note that there is an underscore in the name of the Mod.