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German Flags 2016-10-05

those are older german flags. on the pic from the left to he right:

1. Prussia
2. Black-Red-Gold with Iron Cross
3. War Flag of the Weimar Republic (used 1919 - 1921)
4. War Flag of the Kaiserreich
5. Black-White-Red
6. Black-White-Red with Iron Cross
7. German Eagle (Weimar Republic and FRG)
8. Prussian Eagle

to 7.: the yellow background is actually white, but i used till a week ago the hrrdn-eagle (holy roman empire of german nation) and therefor the hrrdn-yellow (R,G,B 255,207,0 = 1, 0.81, 0). As i tested this flag i forgot to set bWhiteFlag = 1 and discovered that the white was yellow but the black eagle and his red claws and beak stayed as they were. As this looked good i decided to not change it. If you want also use a yellow background with this eagle (and so a yellow civ-colour for germany) you have to change the CIV4ColorVals.xml and add the colours:
then add the COLOR_PLAYER_hrrdn (or how ever you will name it) in the CIV4PlayerColorInfos.xml or overwrite the existing one. and don't forget to leave the bWhiteFlag = 0.

but on request i could also make the background simply yellow and you can play with germany with it's usual gray :)

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Looks good, I [U]might[/U] find a use for the Prussian flag.
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