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German Helgoland & Bismarck v2.0 2016-10-05

These are essentially updates to two of Snafusmith's excellent models, the German Dreadnought SMS Helgoland and the Battleship DKM Bismarck... both of which were superbly done, my main "issue" with either was that (fine as they were), both were very, very dimly lit and too dark (IMHO) to see any of their fine detail in-game (of which there was plenty of detail to see).

With the good help of the Coyote, and some reskining work of my own, these two fine ships get a second-wind and a new look for Civ4 modders to enjoy.

The WWI Dreadnought SMS Helgoland enjoys a well-lit ship, with a new wood deck, more appropriate then the original dark wood deck.

The WWII Battleship DKM Bismarck enjoys a well-lit ship, new firing animations to reflect all four main turrets firing, a new wood deck, repainted red lower hull and better defined swastikas on the bow and stern (also, correctly facing swastikas... all previous models were reversed).

Thanks again to Snafusmith for the excellent models to begin with and to the Coyote for giving better lighting to these ships (and the new firing animation)... I did what I could with some new wood decks and a little detail work on the Bismarck.

All needed files for both ships are included with the download.

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