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German Medieval Tricolor 2016-10-05

German Medieval Tricolor

  1. Wolfshanze
    To my knowledge, the only "complete" Medieval German sets released for Civ4, are based very heavily off of Teutonic Knights or Crusaders, which invariably involves mostly an all-white unit set, and a lot of Christian crosses for the main heraldry symbols... while this may be historically accurate, I find it quite dull. I've also seen a few more-or-less "yellow" sets, which invariably use the Hapsburg family crest, which to me is more HRE or Austrian in nature (and yes I know, the HRE covered large portions of Germany, but in Civ4 Germany is Germany and the HRE is something else [and often turned-into Austria]).

    I've always been wanting a purely "German" set that wasn't based off the Teutonic Knights or the HRE Hapsburg family, but had some sort of "uniformity" to the look.

    In that quest, I started collecting/creating a German "Tricolor" set of units... the "Tricolor" is based in-variations on the Red/White/Black of Imperial Germany. All the units in this set have some sort of combination/variation of red/white/black in their uniform/tunics. I've had a number of them for some time, and have released a few here and there, but never have I had a "total" collection, and I did in-fact, just finish a few more recently, so here for the first time, is my "complete" collection of a German Medieval Tricolor set.

    All needed files are included, as-well as a txt file listing the needed animations for each unit. This set includes 11 combat units and one warlord.


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    1. germanmedieval_GMa.png