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German Medieval Tricolor 2016-10-05

To my knowledge, the only "complete" Medieval German sets released for Civ4, are based very heavily off of Teutonic Knights or Crusaders, which invariably involves mostly an all-white unit set, and a lot of Christian crosses for the main heraldry symbols... while this may be historically accurate, I find it quite dull. I've also seen a few more-or-less "yellow" sets, which invariably use the Hapsburg family crest, which to me is more HRE or Austrian in nature (and yes I know, the HRE covered large portions of Germany, but in Civ4 Germany is Germany and the HRE is something else [and often turned-into Austria]).

I've always been wanting a purely "German" set that wasn't based off the Teutonic Knights or the HRE Hapsburg family, but had some sort of "uniformity" to the look.

In that quest, I started collecting/creating a German "Tricolor" set of units... the "Tricolor" is based in-variations on the Red/White/Black of Imperial Germany. All the units in this set have some sort of combination/variation of red/white/black in their uniform/tunics. I've had a number of them for some time, and have released a few here and there, but never have I had a "total" collection, and I did in-fact, just finish a few more recently, so here for the first time, is my "complete" collection of a German Medieval Tricolor set.

All needed files are included, as-well as a txt file listing the needed animations for each unit. This set includes 11 combat units and one warlord.


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