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Giant Earth Concept Map (256x256) 2016-10-05

Hey Yoda, I just wanted to sum to your circle of fans. This mod is awesome, its the most accurate earth map experience ive ever lived in every civ game. I agree with the other review about a lot of things that are not explained or some other that for some reason dont work, (some units cannot be upgraded, and lack of info at the civlopedia). Ill share this link to the civ community on facebook, hope I can find some people that have skills so they can help you finish this brilliant mod.
OK, first of all I must thank u for a great amount of work u did there. Ive plyed your mode for some time and I can tell u that it is one of the best modes Ive ever plyed. Dont take this as a criticism but it would be even better if some of the game concepts(like divine monarchy) would have eplanation in civilopedia. Thanks again and good job man. Keep up the good work;)
Yoda Power
Yoda Power
Thank you for the nice review. It is not means to be a complete mod, but rater a template for others to build on.
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