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Giant Earth Map 48 Civilizations 2016-10-05

Giant Earth Map 48 Civilizations

  1. yehozz
    Hello! :c5happy:

    I just wanted to share this map whit everyone! its a Giant earth map whit the Earth 35 Mod. i also added some mods on my own, just some new Civilizations like Israel and Vietnam. All the 48 Civilizations have ther Start Locations, they are probebly not 100% Accurate but i did my best! :) i also edit the world abit to feel like more Realistic, like removed desert in europe and stuff :)

    I also cant take credit for it, i just stole the stuff from Earth 35 Mods, added a giant earth map from somone unknow and added Civilizations from the forum! :) but i hope you guys like it! i could make more maps if you liked this one!

    Why i did this? i found that Rise Of The Mankind had so many mods that every turn takes so long. this map whil shorten down the turntimes and would keep me happy throu the game :)

    About the map : The map is a giant world, its a very big world whit aloth of land to build on and space for aloth of civilizations which i found very Epic. You can fight as a one of the viking tribes in the north or found yourself in jungels of South America. What ever country you choose. you will find this to be a good challenge!

    Civilizations in the game - :c5war:

    - Aboriginal Empire leaded by Yagan, starts in the north parts of Australia -
    - Algerian Empire Leaded by Abbas starts in the north parts of Africa -
    - America Empire Leaded by Roosevelt starts in North America -
    - Apache Empire Leaded by Geronimo Starts in North America -
    - Arabian Empire Leaded by Saladin Starts in Arabia -
    - Aztec Empire Leaded by Montezuma Starts in middle of Mexico -
    - Babylonian Empire Leaded by Hammurabi starts Betwin Asian and Arabia -
    - Byzantine Empire Leaded by Justinian 1 starts in north turky -
    - Carthaginian Empire leaded by Hannibal starts in north africa -
    - Celtic Empire Leaded by Brennus Starts in South Ireland -
    - Chines Empire Leaded By Mao Zedong Starts in China -
    - Egyptian Empire Leaded by ramesses 2 Starts in North Africa -
    - English Empire leaded By Churchill starts in South England -
    - Ethiopian Empire leaded By Zara Yaqob starts in Ethiopia -
    - French Empire leaded By Napoleon starts in French -
    - German Empire Leaded By Bismarck starts in Germany -
    - Greek Empire leaded By Perciles starts in Greek -
    - Incan Empire leaded By Huayna Capac starts in South America -
    - Indian Empire Leaded by Gandhi starts in south India -
    - Japanese Empire Leaded by Hirohito starts in Japan -
    - Khmer Empire LEaded by Suryavarman 2 Starts in South Thailand -
    - Korean Empire Leaded by Wang Kon starts in Korea -
    - Maya Empire Leaded By Pacal 2 starts in North South America -
    - Malinese Empire leaded by Mansa Musa starts in Africa -
    - Mongolian Empire Leaded by Genghis Khan starts in north Asia -
    - Native American Empire leaded by Sitting Bull starts in North America -
    - Dutch Empire Leaded By Willem Starts in Holland -
    - Ottoman Empire Leaded By mehmed 2 starts in South Arabian ( Should rename it from Ottomans ) -
    - Persian Empire leaded By Darius starts betwin Arabia and Asia -
    - Portuguese Empire Leaded By Joao 2 Starts in portugal -
    - Roman Empire Leaded by Augustus Ceasar starts in Italy -
    - Russian Empire Leaded by Stalin starts in Russia -
    - Spanish Empire leaded by Franco Starts in Spain -
    - Sumerian Empire Leaded By Gilgamesh Starts in Iraq -
    - Viking Empire Leaded By Ragnar Starts in South Sweden -
    - Zulu Empire leaded by Shaka starts in South Africa -
    - Arawak Empire Leaded by Agueybana Starts in North America -
    - Tupi Empire Leaded by Cunhambebe Starts in North America -
    - Norwegian Empire Leaded By Harald Hardrada Starts in North Norwegian -
    - Vietnamse Empire Leaded By Le Thanh Tong Starts in North Vietnam -
    - Kazahk Khane Leaded by Ablay Khan Starts on the steps of russia or someting -
    - Iroquois Empire Leaded By Logan starts in North America -
    - Israeli Empire Leaded By Solomon Starts in Jerusalem -
    - brazilian Empire Leaded By Mem De sá Starts in south america -
    - Argentinian Empire Leaded by Pero starts in South America -
    - Maasai Empire Leaded By Lenana Starts in Africa -
    - Australian Empire Leaded By John Curtin starts in Australia -
    - New Zealand Starts in New Zealand -

    This is my first map really that i share!

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Wops - Sorry for my poor english :goodjob:


    1. earth_from_space_lg_3hN.jpg