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Giant Earth Map - Version 4.1 (Warlords) 2016-10-05

(Note: This mod works only with Warlords patch 2.08)
Version 4.1 (Released on 29/12/2007)

Version 4.1 included some improvements over version 4.0. There are two major improvements:

1)To have better game-play balance, I have added floodplains and resources to some of the civilizations starting locations. These civs include: Maya, Aztec, Inca, Arabia, Mongol, Ethiopia, Persia and India. (See the attached xls for more details).
2)I have added many islands to the map, which were initially too small (<1000km2) to be represented. However, a lot of small islands have important meanings in human history. I decided to include them in this revision. These islands include: Malta, Ionian Islands, Hong Kong, Outer Hebrides, Zanzibar, Iwo Jima, Midway, Netherland Antilles, Cayman Islands, etc. (See the attached map for more details).

Version 4.0 (Released on 09/12/2007)
Version 4.0 is developed based on v2.2, the 'perfect version', instead of v3.1, the compressed version. This is due to the fact that in the latest patch of Civ4, the crash to desktop problem is said to be fixed and hence there is now good reason to reuse the bigger but less distorted map instead.

V4 enhances the map in many ways. There were previously some areas on the map which I felt wasn't drawn as good as it could be. These include France, Spain, Romania, Poland, Morocco, USA East coast, Brazilian south east coast and indo-china peninsula. There are many changes in resource placement (For details of these changes, please refer to the change log of v4.) Another major change is the removal of all the floodplains on grasslands or plains. The map should now be as plain as it could be without any differences to the normal maps.

What it has in the download
1) The Giant Earth Map (210 x 90)
2) Asset folder contains minor modification.
3) An excel file detailing the statistics. You will find a lot of interesting statistic from this file, like how much a region is scaled or how many of a particular resource is placed within a region.
4) A TIF file detailing the way the borders are divided for statistic purpose.

Download Instruction
Download the zip file and extract it to the following path:

"My Documents\My Game\Warlords\MODS\"
"C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods"

After you placed the folder in the above path,start your game normally. Then click "Advanced" in the menu, click "Load a mod" and select "Giant Earth Map”. The game will restart but with the mod this time. Then go to "Single player", "play a scenario" and pick a map of your like.

WARNING: the map is Giant in size and it will strain your PC. RAM seems to be particularly important. I won't try this map on a PC with less than 1G of RAM. In the usual case, this would mean waiting for ages to load between each turn; in the worst case, your game would be quitted without saving because it is running out of ram.

Lastly, please come back and put a rating and drop a comment. If commenting, please try to be precise and constructive so that I know exactly what you want it to be.

For commenting, please go to the discussion forum:
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